Recent Statements on Critical Race Theory and Public School Curriculum

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State Superintendent Michael Rice, Michigan – August 12, 2021
“We teach history so that we can learn from it: so as not to relive the tragic moments and to help continue our inexorable progress as Americans to keep building a more perfect union. Race and racism may be inconvenient for some, uncomfortable for others, and searing for still others, but, because they are inextricably a part of our history, they must be taught. …I have confidence in our teachers to work through and teach these challenging issues to share the fullness and complexity of our history with our children…and by extension to permit our young people, armed with a knowledge of the past, to help assess the progress that we have made…and the progress that they wish to help make in their lifetimes.”
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Utah State Board of Education – May 17, 2021
“The Board recognizes the current national discourse surrounding CRT, and its potential for divisive impacts on teachers, students, and families. We also recognize that how we respond and engage in this discourse will, too, carry impacts and provide lessons of its own…The Board is working towards a more unified approach to improve conditions for learning, access, and opportunities. We remain committed to seeking equitable practices which are part of our conversations with educators and parents to engage families and educate all students well, including those from underrepresented groups. We look forward to continuing this work with sensitivity and careful consideration of all Utah citizens and students.”
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Washington Township School District, Indiana – July 21, 2021
“Our Washington Township Board of Education, Washington Township Administration, Washington Township Education Association (WTEA), Washington Township Advancement Center (AC), Washington Township Parent Council Network (PCN), Washington Township Community Coalition, and Washington Township District Equity Leadership Team (DELT) want to make clear that while CRT is not curriculum being taught in our District, all Washington Township schools are safe spaces however for productive learning where students can talk about race and other humanity related topics relative to age-appropriate curriculum and learning objectives aligned with the Indiana Academic State Standards.”
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Independent School District 196, Apple Valley, Minnesota – June 14, 2021
“We will continue to promote a culture of acceptance, understanding and achievement for all students and families in District 196. We recognize race to honor and learn from the lived experiences of our students, and we seek to increase inclusivity by acknowledging the diversity within our schools and communities. We remain committed to self-reflection and continuous improvement so that all of our students have equitable opportunities for educational success. The very mission of public education requires no less.”
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Greencastle-Antrim School District, Pennsylvania – August 5, 2021
“The Greencastle-Antrim School District recognizes the equal worth, dignity, and value of each member of our community as part of the human race. We are a diverse community that celebrates the interaction of cultures and appreciates the richness that diversity adds to the fabric of the community.”
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Olathe Public Schools USD 233, Kansas – July 12, 2021
“Olathe Public Schools teaches state and district standards for all subjects; CRT is not part of either set of standards. CRT is a theoretical approach to material generally discussed in higher education, not at the K-12 level. As a district, we remain steadfast in our commitment to equity, inclusion, and continuous improvement so that all students feel valued and are prepared for their future. We serve more than 30,000 students with diverse thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. Our job is to prepare all of them to achieve personal success.”
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Dr. Joan Mast, Superintendent, Scotch Plains-Fanwood Public Schools District, New Jersey – July 12, 2021
“We believe most parents in our district, and across the nation, want their kids to understand the historic path of our nation and this includes difficult discussions about racism. We also are committed to ensuring all children thrive and learn to lead and manage in a diverse community and nation. To fulfill this commitment, we are teaching diversity, empathy, and social justice. This approach helps build character, develop compassion and ultimately creates a stronger school community.”
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Roanoke County Public Schools School Board, Virginia – July 13, 2021
“Over the past several weeks, citizens and parents in Roanoke County and across Virginia have expressed concern about news they are hearing at a state and national level related to public schools. As members of the Roanoke County School Board, we want to collectively assure the citizens of Roanoke County that our schools continue to be committed to being welcoming and safe places where all students and staff are valued and respected. We embrace equity of opportunity for all students and staff as we work hard together to advance and support student learning and be the best we can be as a community.”
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Elkhart Community Schools, Indiana – July 26, 2021
“Elkhart Community Schools believes in…fully supporting Elkhart’s diverse communities and acknowledging that all Elkhart students benefit from learning a full and factual account of our country’s historical events, shortcomings, and progress aligned with Indiana state standards for curriculum.”
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